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Rinat Kaleev
(Russia, Moscow)
16 sep 2009, 22:05

Hello, glad to see you!

Here we're going to tell you a little about the website you've come to. So Musichunt is an international professional network of musicians and musical organizations.The main purpose of our MH is to help musicians from all over the world to find jobs, colleges and ensembles, educational programs, musical professional events such as competitions, masterclasses, festivals, exhibitions, conferences and etc., promote themselves, share their experience and gain it from others.

Musichunt is open for musicians of any styles: from classical music to national or contemporary. Among our registered users there’re performers, composers, teachers, arrangers, conductors, sound producers, musical managers. There’re also registered companies which are interested in musicians or in offering special services to them, e.g. employers, musical equipment shops, educational institutions, recording studios, producing centers and so on. Musichunt is absolutely open for anyone who can't imagine a world without an incredible thing — music and offers them services specially designed to break all the barriers to free communication and creative work.

The main feature of the project is a unique multilingual interface which is very flexible and is made to organize interaction among users in the most efficient way. You can easily find jobs, blogs, events in any city, country and on any language you like. There's no need to register several times or switch languages — just define the list of languages in your Profile and all the information you need will be filtered and shown to you automatically. We also have many unified and system-translated services that'll allow you to know about requests and offers of musicians and companies from other countries and let them know about yours even if you speak different languages. Take benefit from your new profile, publish advertisements, blog posts, musical events, communicate with others using comments and convenient private messages system. Feel free and don't forget to let us know about any difficulties or ideas on Musichunt development. Good luck!

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