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How to make money in an unbelievable lucrative way

Nhu Ydoan
(Vietnam, Vung Tau)
11 may 2024, 11:36

Grass money in football betting, what is it?

Grass money, also known as com money, is another term for commission in football betting. Many people wonder what com money is.

It refers to the amount of commission that players will receive when participating in football betting. Players may receive a certain amount of money after each bet.

As a convention, this amount is usually 1% of the total amount that the player football tips win or loses in the bet. In the case of a draw, this amount will not be applicable.

Once you understand the term "grass money" and the importance of this type of money in betting, players can be completely reassured when calculating their current total amount.

More importantly, players can also check whether the bookmaker calculates grass money for them after each bet.

How to calculate grass money when betting on football

The way bookmakers calculate commission in this type of betting will vary.

Usually, bookmakers will offer a commission rate ranging from 0.2 to 1% of the player's total bet amount.

For some bookmakers, the commission will be applied to cashback promotions, and these promotions typically last for one year.

On the contrary, at some other bookmakers, this program only applies to certain betting games and has a very short duration. Therefore, players should research bookmakers' promotions before placing bets.

For some players with small capital, cashback promotions have little effect, and they only see betting as a stress-relieving game. However, for some high-stakes players, the commission in football betting is not a small amount. That's why they often engage in "grass money" with bookmakers.

Commission can be calculated in various ways depending on the exchange rate or the betting level that players choose for each bet. Here are three basic exchange rate levels from dollars to Vietnamese dong that you can refer to:

1$ equals 20,000 VND: When players choose this exchange rate level, they will receive 0.5% commission. Of this, 0.25% commission will be added to the betting round, and the remaining 0.25% will be added to the betting account.

1$ equals 50,000 VND: With this exchange rate level, players will receive 1.25% commission. Of this, 0.25% commission will be added to the betting round, and the remaining 1% will be added to the betting account.

1$ equals 100,000 VND: At this exchange rate level, players will receive 1.5% commission. Similarly to the exchange rates above, players will receive 1.25% commission in their betting account and the remaining 0.25% will be calculated into the betting round.

Additionally, there are many other exchange rate levels. The higher the threshold, the more commission players receive.

Ways to make top-tier grass money

To earn a significant commission when participating in football betting, each player needs to equip themselves with sufficient knowledge and skills. Below are some ways to earn grass money in football betting:

Utilizing free grass-cutting software

When using grass-cutting software, players can place bets on two different bookmakers simultaneously to take advantage of the odds difference between each bookmaker.Additionally, when players register accounts with reputable bookmakers, they also have the opportunity to receive additional commission based on the amount wagered according to specified rates.

If players pay attention to the additional commission, they will notice that the odds for the same bet at two bookmakers can vary significantly.However, players need to be aware that this method of earning money is not optimistic and involves a considerable level of risk.

If players are detected cheating when using this software for betting, they will encounter significant trouble. Especially if they win the bet, they may not be able to withdraw the winnings.

Utilizing cashback promotions at bookmakers

Earning grass money through cashback promotions offered by time to win prediction is much more feasible when it comes to sports betting.This is because the more players wager with a larger amount, the more the bookmakers will refund based on your betting turnover.

With this method, players usually need to lose a certain amount at the bookmaker. Then, the bookmaker will refund the corresponding amount based on the money you bet previously.Currently, many bookmakers organize promotional programs with very high cashback rates to attract players.However, it's essential to choose reputable bookmakers that are licensed to participate in betting.

Considerations when making grass money

Note that you should play on various different betting platforms and avoid using this grass-cutting method excessively. If the bookmakers discover it, you risk losing all your capital and winnings.

Of course, your betting account will also be deleted. Therefore, you need to carefully consider and calculate before attempting to make money this way.

Keep in mind that this type of play does not add much value to your gaming experience if you intend to make money through betting.

This method will only lead to dependency and hinder the progression of your betting experience.


Above, we have just helped you understand how bookmakers earn grass money. During the betting process, pay attention to this commission to ensure you don't miss out on the amount you receive. Read more: football bets 1x2 – Offering Advice from the Premier 100 Websites Globally


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