Андрей Мохов

arranger, performer
Moscow, Russia
44 years old
activity: +99.00
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Current purpose

Offering performer show (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)
пропишу гитарные партии любой сложности в любом стиле


acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar

Musical genres

author's song, blues, jazz, country, pop, reggae, rock, rock'n'roll, romance, heavy metal


Гитарист импровизатор. Имею большой опыт студийной работы и концертных выступлений.
Ищу работу композитора, аранжировщика, исполнителя. Сочиню, исполню, пропишу гитарные партии любой сложности в любом стиле (джаз, блюз, фанк, рок, метал и т.д). Помогу сделать ваши композиции сочными, выразительными и неповторимыми. Возможна удаленная работа.

I'm a guitarist improvisator. I have huge experience of studio recording and concert perfomances. I'm searching for a job of composer, arranger or performer. I can compose, perform and record any guitar part in different music styles (jazz, blues, funk, rock, metal, etc.). I can work remotely via internet.


Four (3:13)

added: 11 dec 2009, 00:41
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41 bus (2:49)

added: 11 dec 2009, 00:38
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Jam with Levan Lomidze, part 1

added: 11 dec 2009, 00:45
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added: 04 dec 2009, 11:57
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Сергей Бурков
Russia, Moscow
arranger, sound director, performer, composer
drums, bass guitar, recorder, contrabass, DJ's equipment, saxophone, tuba, piano, noise sounds, electric guitar
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